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About Hilary Richards - My Story

When I was a child...

About hilary richards
Hilary Richards
I made people feel better
When I was a child I didn't understand what was happening when I put my hands on someone's head that their headache went or on a relative's knee and their arthritis felt better. I thought I was just being loving.

I could see angels
I used to see angels around me and I had this special friend that no one else could see.

It was difficult for those close to me to understand!
Not only did Mum not understand, she disapproved! When my aunt was dying (I didn't even know she was ill!) I woke my Mum up saying "Auntie... is going to the angels soon" I was firmly told not to be stupid & sent back to bed. An hour or so later I saw my aunt passing over & woke Mum up again saying "Auntie has been met by the angels she is not in pain anymore" Again I got the same result from Mum. Two hours later the phone rang my uncle telling Mum that Auntie... had died.

Many of these 'events' happened throughout my childhood
When I was in boarding school, I kept seeing my friends dead relatives at the end of their beds, but, this sort of 'event' was quite normal for me.

When I was an adult I truly realised...

The penny finally dropped!
I did nothing more about my gift until about 28 years ago when I was working with stroke victims and massaging their hands to ease them. A work mate said "You are a healer, look at the results you are getting with the movements in their limbs" Then I realised what it meant after all those years!

I now concentrate on three main areas of my work to move people forward:

  1. Working as both a psychic and medium giving either face-to-face readings or by email and colour readings
  2. Training either in personal development and coaching, I do specialise in spiritual development courses. Details of which can be found on my coaching pages and training school page including testimonials
  3. I continue to work as a healer for both humans and animals and run my own certified healing course


My Qualifications

I went ahead to get formal qualifications with various organisations including:

  • Association of Counselling - Level 4
  • NVQ Level 3 in Counselling
  • Academy of Coaching advanced diploma (Life Coach, Personal Coach, Business Coach, Youth Coach, Spiritual Coach)
  • Life Coach Diploma - Level 4
  • NSU Minister

  • National Federation of Spiritual Healers - Level 4
  • National Federation of Spiritual Healers Advanced teacher Diploma
  • NVQ Level 3 in meditation & Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace Diploma
  • Meditation and Mindfulness in the School

  • Reiki Master
  • The School Of Energy Healing
  • Blue Sun Energetics advanced Diploma in Spiritual Dowsing
  • Aura Soma Advanced Colour Practitioner
  • Institute of Holistic Therapy
  • Federation of Holistic Therapy

I belong to various organisations to do with healing and I also went to different circles to develop my psychic and medium abilities.

Since then I have been priviledged to have helped many people through my healing and mediumship, past life regression & psychic genealogy.

You know you are always in safe and experienced hands with me.

All of this I couldn't have done without the help and support of my guides and angels who I work with always at every reading or healing.