WORKSHOPS & EVENTS – 2019/2020

I will not be holding many workshops in 2019 and 2020

So why not do them in the following two ways?
1 In the comfort of your own home ?I send you the workshop material and guidelines to do it
2 Get four or more friends together Kettering and surrounding areas only and I will come to your home and do the workshops?

How to create a vision board and get the life you want
28 days to abundance
7 Steps to eternity (what happens to you when you pass)
Easy Meditation and mindfulness
Easy to use Shamanism(Learning basic Native American ways)
The Intuitive Way How to become more intuitive
Are you Psychic?
The miracle of Colour Healing and its uses
Working with the Law of Attraction & other Spiritual Laws
Introduction to Spiritual Dowsing(clearing your past lives and patterns)
There is an Angel by your side
Working with the Ascended Masters
Discovering your angels and guides
An introduction to Sacred Geometry
Understanding and living the energies and how they can affect you
Chakra & Chakra Healing
Introduction to Spiritual Healing

All workshop content is £30 paid through Paypal
If you are holding a Workshop Party the price is £30 per person and the usual £40 deposit is required

For further information and buy your workshop or book a workshop party
Email me or phone 07806660132