Absent / Distant Healing

Return to health without travelling!

Distant Healing, helping people anywhere in the World!

What is Distant Healing?

absent healingDistant or absent healing is the same as a normal healing session when we energetically link to you and the healing energy passes from my hands into your body.

It is just as Effective!

It just means that the person is not physically in the same room and may even be in another country. We send healing all over the world every day and have many satisfied clients.

How does a Distant Healing session work?

distant healingInitial contact is made to me requesting healing, usually by phone, letter or email. We set up an appointed time to have an initial consultation. It is helpful if we do not talk via Skype for you to send me a recent photo of yourself or the person you know who wants healing.

At the initial consultation we briefly discuss (10 mins) about the condition/s that require healing. It doesn’t matter if they are physical, mental or emotional. The effect is still the same.

We will then discuss time, date and number of Distant Healing sessions required. At this point we will then ask you to pay either into our bank account or via Paypal. Once this has been received, we will then send you instructions of how best to prepare yourself for your Distant Healing session.

The Distant Healing Session

At the appointed time, we will have asked you (or the person healing is arranged for) to sit or lie down in a relaxed, undisturbed, atmosphere.

Relax yourself by taking a number of deep breathes and then breathing normally.

healing even when you are absent!We then energetically connect to you. I literally “see” you and into your body. The healing proccess starts and healing is given to the areas needed. You may feel different sensations while the healing is happening. This is perfectly normal.

At the end of the healing session i energetically disconnect from you and ground you. You will know when this has happened as you will return from “a dream like state” and will feel wide awake again.

After the healing session has taken place, relax and take it easy.

Please drink plenty of water and refrain from alcohol for the next 12-24 hours. This is beacause a lot of toxins are eliminated from your body after a healing session.

If required, we make notes after your healing session and you may call or email me at a mutually convenient time to discuss what you have felt. At this time we can also help you with any feelings or issues that may have arisen.


£35 per Distant Healing Session
A discount is given when more than one Distant Healing session is booked.



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