Past Life Regression (PLR)

Now is the time to move forward in your current life!

Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy, Northamptonshire…

For clients who want know exactly what past lives they’ve had & release the things that hold them back.
Do you think that you have been here before?

Past Life Regression in NorthamptonshireDo you experience a re-occuring event? …Something that keeps manifesting itself in this lifetime, yet its origins do not appear to be from this lifetime? …It maybe family difficulties, an unexplained phobia, fear or physical ailment.

Perhaps you have vivid re-occuring dreams of a life that bears no resemblance to your current lifetime?

All of the above may past lives or memories.

Seeing the roots of the challenges in our past lives can help us work through them in this lifetime.

Would you like to discover who you really were? …How you lived? …How it can help in this lifetime?

What is past life regression (PLR) and how it is done?

Past Life Regression, NorthantsPLR is a deliberate conscious retrieval of memories and experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. There is nothing mystical about this process as you are guided through this journey using your own sub-conscious mind (imagination).

Through a safe and gentle hypnosis – using relaxation techniques and visualisation – you are guided back to your past life or lives. When you reach a past life you will be asked questions to prompt the memories.


The whole session is always controlled in a way that you will feel safe and secure, taking all the time that you need.

At the end of the regression session you are brought back, safely and gently, to reality, with new memories or who you were.

Notes are taken (with your permission) throughout the session, so you will have an account of where you went and who you were.

The whole session is then discussed, with time for you to ask any questions that you wish.

The regression technique is a great healer and it aims to go to the original root causes of the difficulties you maybe facing in this lifetime. It is able to transform them at the deepest possible level.

As we gain greater access to our past lives, we discover not only how to alter our present lifetime but can use the wisdom that has been uncovered to create a more peaceful and fulfilling future. It also makes the connection that we are all interconnected in a significant way.

You may have been a person of great statue or power but normally, you may have been an ordinary person, leading an ordinary life, but just with emphasis or lessons to learn in this lifetime.

One thing, whatever you discover about your previous lives, you will always find it enlightening and fascinating!


BUY NOW – Only £75 for a 1-2 hour (approx.) Past Life Regression (PLR) Session!


We have had many past lives so if further sessions are requested, discounts are given accordingly.


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