Soul Re-Creation Therapy

Heal your traumas & blocks!

Soul Re-Creation Therapy, Northamptonshire…

Clearing & releasing soul records stored in your subconscious mind to improve your health & happiness

This is a very gentle yet effective therapy that works with our Soul records or Akashic records.

These records are the blueprint of everything that the soul has experienced right up to the present time and beyond – from both present and past lives.

The records are all stored in the subconscious mind, we just need to identify and release them so you can move forward in your life.

How does this therapy work?

Spiritual or Soul Re-Creation Therapy uses the universal energies, a pendulum, a set of specific questions (relating to the areas needing clearing and re-programming) and a set of charts, specific to the questions asked.


The therapy is fast acting, painless, extremely accurate and heals past trauma and subconscious blocks.

Having released your blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth, the subconscious is then re-programmed with positive programmes and messages.

Northamptonshire Healer provides Soul Re-Creation TherapyIt can be used in many areas of your life:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Life satisfaction
  • Re-aligning the energies in your home
  • Clearing fears, traumas & phobias
  • General health & well-being
  • Downloading the vibrations of vitamins and minerals needed
  • Releasing past lives

You are totally conscious throughout the process, no form of hypnotherapy is used during the clearing. Whilst this is going on you learn more about yourself, and how to effect changes in your life.

Dowsing pendulum used for Soul recreation therapy
As you work with this therapy to clear the things in your subconscious mind that have held you back, you start to realise that you are no longer working with just your subconscious mind but are starting to open a clearer channel and connection to your Higher Self.

Many realise that we are constantly receiving help and guidance from our the spirit realm and our guides, this therapy brings us closer to that guidance.

It is a truly amazing therapy, that brings about healing from a different level that many people thought was not possible. Yet it continues to bring us compelling evidence that we have our own divine ability to heal ourselves on all levels.


Soul Re-Creation Therapy, NorthamptonshireBUY NOW – Only £75 for a 2 hour (approx.) Soul Re-Creation Session!


BUY NOW – Only £30 for a Follow Up Soul Re-Creation Session!


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