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What is your soul’s destiny?

Aura Rainbow, Colour Readings, Northamptonshire…

Aura Rainbow Colour Readings
You are the colours that you choose!

The colours that you choose, reflect all areas in your life – Past, Present and Future. They reflect the mirror of your soul and the direction that is your soul’s destiny

The 52 coloured bottles that you see above, are one of the original limited edition of Aura Soma (or Avatara as it was first called when it was channelled by the founder Vicky Wall in 1984).

These bottles are made up of our earth’s natural energies of plants, herbs & other natural essences.

So why have an Aura Rainbow Reading?

Aura Rainbow, Colour Readings, NorthamptonshireA colour reading acts on the subconscious and also at the super conscious, in a slightly different way that I work as a psychic & medium.

Each bottle described above has its own therapeutic and healing properties, which corresponds to the person’s aura so bringing the healing needed to that person having the reading.


How does it work?

Aura Rainbow Readings, NorthamptonshireI initially ask you to pick four bottles quickly & without giving a thought to the colours that are being picked.

The client invariably chooses without realising, the colours in relation to the issues that are ready to be addressed at the present time & also in the direction they wish to move forward in.

The first bottle is your soul bottle
The vibration that your soul resonates at, it also gives an indication of the essence of that person & whether they are following their soul’s destiny.

The second bottle is your past bottle
The second bottle the points up the main areas which have caused difficulty in the past, and the gifts & opportunities to be found once these have been cleared. By shaking the bottle this is achieved.

The third bottle is your present bottle
The third bottle shows how the person is dealing with all that is in the present, have past issues been resolved or are they still clinging onto them & still want to live in the past.

The fourth bottle is your future bottle
The fourth bottle then suggests the area or areas that we should move forward into, since by all that we do in the present, we create our future.

Then you can pick 8 more bottle for more in-depth information

Northants Colour ReadingsI then will ask you if you wish for further in-depth answers & to select another eight bottles placing them anywhere you wish behind the four already chosen.

The order is up to you 4 x 4 bottles or whatever amount of bottles you want, by any bottle.

Then I am able to give you a fuller reading of what has been cleared from the past & what the future holds for you.

When we begin to recognise & act on our unconscious patterns of thought, we take responsibility & alter our thoughts & actions we create so leading us forwards towards our true life’s path.



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