Workshops / Events

I will not be holding many set workshops/events in 2019 and 2020

So why not do them in the following two ways?

  1. DIY Workshop – In the comfort of your own home? I send you the workshop material and guidelines to do it
  2. Workshop Party – Get four or more friends together Kettering and surrounding areas only and I will come to your home and do the workshops?

Workshops Available:

  • How to create a vision board and get the life you want
  • 28 days to abundance
  • 7 Steps to eternity (what happens when you pass)
  • Easy Meditation and mindfulness
  • Easy to use Shamanism (Learning basic Native American ways)
  • The Intuitive Way How to become more intuitive
  • Are you Psychic?
  • The miracle of Colour Healing and its uses
  • Working with the Law of Attraction/Spiritual Laws
  • Introduction to Spiritual Dowsing (clearing your past lives and patterns)
  • There is an Angel by your side
  • Working with the Ascended Masters
  • Discovering your angels and guides
  • An introduction to Sacred Geometry
  • Understanding and living the energies and how they can affect you
  • Chakra & Chakra Healing
  • Introduction to Spiritual Healing

All Workshop Content is £30.00 per course
Workshop content is to be paid through Paypal

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Workshop Party price is £30.00 per person
The usual £40.00 DEPOSIT is required, please pay below…

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For further information or book a workshop party. Email me or phone 07806 660132